Exhibition 2020

Yesterday. Now. Tomorrow.

Taking place on the occasion of nobilia's 75th anniversary, the open house exhibition is aptly titled "Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow". In keeping with this motto, the exhibition tour around the 5000 m2 exhibition space begins with a brief journey through time and then thoroughly addresses the latest new features, and thus the here and now.

At present, only specialized dealers are allowed to visit the nobilia exhibition after an appointment has been agreed. If interested, please contact your respective external service officer. Thank you very much for your understanding. Be healthy!

Awaiting the visitor is a total of 106 designs with room-spanning solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.

Kitchen and Living

With 49 designs, the topic of kitchens is the core of the exhibition. The spectrum ranges from spacious settings for the new features range to the true-to-daily-life designs in all styles to a generously planned kitchen for events and functions.


The bathroom collection, now in its third year at the open house exhibition, gets even more space than last year with 31 solutions. A special focus this year is on attractive solutions for guest- and small bathrooms.

nobilia elements

A separate section provides information about the quick delivery programme “nobilia elements”. This flexible, modularly constructed quick delivery concept is geared towards retailers who, along with commission-based nobilia designs with a regular delivery time, also desire an alternative that is available quickly. The elements range encompasses select product building blocks for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, which are kept in stock. Thus, the goods can be delivered or picked up within 24 hours of ordering.

Digital showroom

The digital showroom contains a total of 37 designs, which have been developed entirely as CGI (Computer Generated Images). Within the individual rooms—25 of which are for the kitchen, six for the bathroom and six for the living area—the user can proceed through controlled movements, explore new features and highlights at predefined touchpoints and view product variations.